Hello there,

I'm Caroline, the one-woman powerhouse behind Ponder. I wear many hats: designer, maker, photographer and website designer.

I usually juggle all these roles with my spirited, yet incredibly lovable 8-year-old by my side. She's my little partner in crime, always eager to lend a hand. I cherish the flexibility that comes with running my own business, especially while my child is still young.

My journey into yoga a few years ago introduced me to the world of yoga-inspired jewellery. This newfound passion awakened my creative side, which I felt had been dormant since my A-Level Art days. Despite excelling in art, I pursued a degree in business and IT. Now, I'm thrilled to finally merge these two worlds through my business.

Ponder is a collection of 14kt gold-filled and sterling silver jewellery handcrafted in Belfast. A collection of minimal, bohemian-inspired designs, perfect for easy and wearable elegance.

I've been fortunate to build a wonderful community of customers within the yoga community and beyond. I'm endlessly grateful to the fantastic people who appreciate my creations and keep coming back for more.

Thank you for visiting my shop. I hope you find as much joy in exploring my pieces as I do in creating them.

Lots of Love,

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